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Each and every campaign is different, with different companies, different industries, and different objectives. From the very first call, down to the very last implementation details, we believe that campaign success comes from thoughtful planning, and exhaustive research and analysis.

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How It Works.

The Punch Process.

The proof is in the pudding, as they say. Or in this case, the ROI. Punch has developed, tested, and refined a comprehensive multi-channel system for creating highly successful acquisition campaigns.

Punch employs a data 5-step methodology to develop and scale impactful growth programs. Central in this system is the idea that by listening carefully to consumers, we can identify and refine value propositions that resonate. In effect, the end result of the implementation of the Punch Growth Methodology is a concrete collection of targeted messaging that not only convinces members of the target audience to become users, but also informs product teams around the future wants and needs of those customers.


Key Metrics & Successful Outcomes.

As part of the implementation for the growth & acquisition program, we work closely with clients to define and measure key performance indicators (KPIs) outlined in the “Success Metrics” section. The defined metrics will inform all steps of the implementation and refinement cycle, throughout the lifetime of the campaign.

Messaging & Profiles.

Using existing usage data, combined with targeted experiments aimed at key target groups, we’ll work together to build up messaging and targeting that are most likely to elicit positive response rates.

Testing & Measurement.

Throughout the entire process, collecting data and performing experiments will play a starring role. The secret sauce behind Punch’s methodology is collecting and synthesizing data from a wide array of sources, enabling us to quickly gather and validate key insights in less time, while minimizing ad spend.

Review & Refine.

As insights pour in, we constantly review and refine the foundational assumptions of the entire marketing campaign. Everything, from the value of the defined KPIs and Success Metrics, up to and including ad messaging and targeting is constantly evaluated in light of new data, as it arrives.

Invest & Develop.

As we confirm particular assumptions of the campaign, we will work closely with clients to define long-term winning marketing and content strategies, and equip those teams with the tools and resources to be able to execute at scale on an ongoing basis.

Growth in 3 Steps.

How it works.

At the heart of work are your goals.

Our advertising campaigns rely on a process of continual hypothesis generation, testing, refinement, and improvement.

Hypothesis & Testing.
We analyze existing customer profiles and advertising techniques; create hypothesis and identify beachhead advertising channels, and launch a series of hyper-focused campaigns focused on generating results.
Refinement & Iteration.
Our process refines the customer acquisition strategy to achieve a positive ROI across a variety of beachhead channels and target segments.
Punch tests new channels and scale the advertising of the existing channels that have proven to work. We continue to test results, measure, and improve throughout multiple campaign lifecycles.

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