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What makes a good producer?


When designers design, engineers engineer, advisors advise, and clients client; producers plan, plan, and plan. Producers work with the client and other team members to create a plan everyone can get behind and help to make sure it gets done on time and on budget.


Without strong communication, projects fall apart. Until mind reading becomes standard, producers are the master switchboard connecting stakeholders, users, engineers, designers, and clients together. Producers don’t shy away from asking tough questions, giving tough answers, and speaking from an honest and sympathetic place so that everyone can work smarter, faster, and happier.


Here’s an idea, what if we did this? Says the client. And the producer responds and finds a solution. This often requires finding resources, budget, time, people, and things to fulfill a need even when nobody else can or knows how to help. A producer is the alchemist that turns thoughts into gold.


When somebody has an idea or a need, who is there to make sure it is fulfilled? The producer is the person that follows-through on everything. Stones are not left unturned, and everyone on the project feels heard and taken care of.


A producer keeps everyone and everything on the same page, and this takes a tremendous amount of organization. Those little side conversations, scribbled notes, late-night client texts, and light bulbs in the shower all have to be kept together and never lost. It is demanding work and often goes unnoticed, but when it’s missing, everyone feels the pain.

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