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KonMari Media

A beloved author goes digital.


A new brand.
That speaks volumes.

New York Times bestselling author Marie Kondo has forever changed the way we tidy and in the process taught us more about ourselves beyond the home. Punch has worked closely with KonMari Media as they launch their digital presence.

From author to media company.

Marie Kondo and her tidying mission went from relative obscurity to worldwide fame in a matter of a few years.

Her presence digitally and in the real world grew fast enough for her to realize the need to bring all her success and future work under one identity.

In 2015, Marie Kondo launched a new initiative: KonMari Media, Inc. Punch was selected as the agency to make this media business a reality.

With her early team and big ambitions, Marie Kondo needed a partner to build her brand, technology, and presence to a worldwide audience in a manner that spoke to the joy and organization her message embodies. Punch’s engineering and design teams work with Marie to realize her mission to “organize the world.”

Punch has helped to unify her look and feel, update her online presence, and introduce and build her first digital app for iPhone.



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