Punch MyTechCofounder Program

From concept to reality.

Engineering and product team

The Punch MyTechCofounder Program Complete solution for product development

A proven, end-to-end process for developing scalable, award winning products, based on the scientific method:

Brainstorming Defining the product

  • Industry, competitive, and SWOT analysis
  • Revenue model validation
  • Product differentiation from competitors
  • Key Feature definition
  • Key User lifecycle from signup to daily user

Prioritizing Defining feature timeline

  • Shortlisting max benefit features
  • Defining the minimum viable product
  • Remove unecessary features from the pipeline
  • Key Discipline to focus on highest value product features

Developing From concept to code

  • QA, project management, and coding team
  • Daily coding, creation of product, bi-weekly release cycle, continuous improvement
  • Weekly meetings to review product progress
  • Key Every week the product moves forward with your constant involvement

Scaling Building the future, today

  • Preparing for mass commercialization
  • Building version 3, 4, 5 features
  • Identifying new sources of capital and growth
  • Key Roadmap to enable global product and market scale

Past performance Our results

Punch MyTechCofounder creates a highly reliable project management and enigneering team that generates real, scalable growth for our clients. Our past experiences lead the way for future results.


Punch created products/services drove $100 million in revenue for our clients in the past 24 months.


Punch drove 10× new users for our clients in six months.


Punch created features grew revenues 700% in 12 months.

Flexible pricing options

A technical cofounder for every stage.

Pricing options to fit your startup's unique needs.