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The Punch Product Support System

The Punch Product Support System Applying the program

Complete, end-to-end model for supporting great product design to enable user satisfaction and scale:

Brainstorming Defining the product

  • Industry, competitive, and SWOT analysis
  • Brainstorm, evaluate, and choose solution(s)
  • Product differentiation from competitors
  • Key Feature definition, schedule/deadline
  • Key User lifecycle from signup to daily user

Prototyping Wireframing the design

  • Mind mapping, storyboarding, free writing, layout creation, wireframing, and mockups
  • Based on results and data, make design changes, prototypes, test again, review data
  • Test designs with potential users, feedback
  • Key Focus on highest value product features

Designing From ideas to designs

  • Create interaction and interface designs
  • Print, web, and mobile designs as needed
  • Twice/week meetings to review design work
  • Design re nement, iteration, and completion
  • Key Every week the designs moves forwardwith your constant involvement

Scaling Building the future, today

  • Creating design guide for other designers
  • Building version 3, 4, 5 features
  • Identify new design — email, digital, and print ads, landing pages, social campaigns, and more
  • Key Roadmap to enable global product and market scale, and design continuity

Past performance Our results

At scale, the Punch design program creates growth for our clients. Our past experiences lead the way for future results.


Punch created products/services drove $100 million in revenue for our clients in the past 24 months


Punch products drove 10× new users for our clients in 6 months.


Punch created features grew revenue 700% in 12 months.

Flexible pricing options

24/7 design support at every stage.

Pricing options to fit your business’s unique support needs.