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New validated leads in the market for your service every day.

Complete Need Identification System

Punch LiveLeads Applying the program

Successful lead generation demands a scientific approach. Punch pioneered a proven process that lets us observe, measure, experiment, analyze, modify, and repeat need identification strategies for your business. The bottom line difference is Punch LiveLeads generate customers who are in the market for your service with a complete, end-to-end model for lead generation based on the scientific method:

Research Setting the standards

  • Collect need data through scraping
  • Live connect and contact verification
  • Key Defined customer need
  • Key In the market for solution

Testing Perfecting lead acquisition

  • 3 to 5 new testing methods every week
  • Daily analysis and iterations of lead sources
  • Metrics based on opens, clicks, and responses
  • Key Constant iterations until top lead sources are identified

Optimization Constant improvement

  • Data partnership for constant improvement
  • Senior researchers with 5+ years experience
  • Weekly analysis and optimization of results
  • Key Each week remove the bottom performing lead source and replace with a new strategy

Scale Global customer database

  • Automation to scale top performing sources
  • Leads go directly to your system / CRM
  • Ability to add additional researchers any time
  • Key minimum 500 new customers weekly with need for your product or service

Past performance Our results

At scale, Punch LiveLeads creates growth for our clients. Our past experiences lead the way for future results.


Punch drove $100 million in sales revenue for Punch clients in just 12 months.


LiveLeads drove 10× new users to our users in the past 6 months.


LiveLeads grew 700% increase in new customers for our clients.

Flexible pricing options

LiveLeads at every stage.

Pricing options to fit your business’s unique needs.