Punch Funding Acquisition

Acquire funding with scalable outreach.

Complete investor outreach strategy

Punch Funding Acquisition Applying the program

Complete, end-to-end model for funding acquisition based on Punch's proven 4-steps process:

Research Investor profile identification

  • Collect data through scraping investor history
  • Product differentiation from competitors
  • Key Define investor interest and niche
  • Key In the market for active investment

Outreach Creating investment leads

  • 3 to 5 new testing methods every week
  • Daily analysis and iterations
  • Email, social, and voice connect with investors
  • Key Personalized, individual outreach

Relationship Building investor trust

  • From investor response to meeting
  • Senior relationship reps with 10+ years experience
  • Defined response tree for all investor queries
  • Key 30% minimum success from investor response to meeting

Closing Securing funding

  • Analysis of industry, competition and opportunity
  • Constant iterations of pitch deck and financials
  • Key 10% close minimum from pitch to funding

Past performance Our results

At scale, Punch Funding Aquisition creates growth for our clients. Our past experiences lead the way for future results.


Punch clients have raised over $100 million in institutional financing in the past 24 months.


Punch drove 10× more qualified investor meetings for the average Punch client vs inhouse efforts.


Punch grew average client funding 700% from inhouse efforts.

Flexible pricing options

Funding for every stage.

Pricing options to fit your business’s unique needs.