What is Embark? What does it mean to us? What does it mean to start something new?

Hello reader, I wanted to call your attention to a funny word. The word is "dreamer", which until recently I thought I knew – the definition of "dreamer" is "someone unpractical or idealistic". "How can 'unpractical' and 'idealistic' define a dreamer?", when I had always thought of dreamers as great explorers, poets, and rebellious founders like Christopher Colombus, Ernest Hemingway, and George Washington. The Dreamer. The theme of our site launch. We're focusing on this theme because it's important to recognize that dreaming is an agent for change in the Universe, rather than brush off dreaming with disregard. Dreamers come in all varieties, but they share in common a capacity to see a different reality. At Punch we have the great privilege to work with dreamers everyday, and help steward their ideations to success, which is a responsibility we take very seriously. We named this blog Embark because the word embark means "to begin a course of important action", which for us at Punch is taking on a new client engagement, which partners us with dreamers around the world to change the world. Through our site, we are recognizing the exceptional dreamers we've partnered with and our accomplishments together. I invite you to take a look and notice some of the incredible work being done. Tobin Fischer at Vantage Robotics, Thomas Finsterbusch at Cape, Max Iantorno at Medifriend, Anupam Pathak at Verily/Google, Lukens Orthwein at Sochat, and Sean Murphy at AndyOS, are just a handful of the dreamers we're on a voyage with. Bon voyage. Sincerely, Verdi Ergün // Telescope icon Bon Voyage when signing their Client Services Agreement // Picture of a Boat, this is your adventure Previous: Reporting on our first year