T he messaging app for America.



With benefits.

Sochat is a consumer messaging app for iOS and Android. Punch was brought on to redesign their branding and website. We introduced a fresh, youthful, and optimistic brand to capture a larger market for Sochat as it grew in the US.

A wink to the future of texting.

SoChat is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for download. T he app’s special feature focuses on an easy way to add friends even without a cellualr or WiFi network. Using Bluetooth LTE, people can find their friends or meet new people in close proximity to them, which has made Sochat very popular in college campuses. As Sochat grew, they realized the need to explore a more polished but still approachable brand experience.

Punch created a brand vision for Sochat revolving around the “wink” logo — a suprisingly underused design that major competitors avoided. By owning the delight, Sochat’s brand appeals to the spontaneous and light hearted nature of social communication. Clever copy endears the brand to different demographics, while communicating key features.


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